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Ah yes dear Dilly-chan. What can we say about him. He's albino (in a cool way), likes to play with fire, and comes to us from the crazy world of Escaflowne where he is currently attempting to chop off Van's head. So how did our favorite tyrant pyromainiac phsyco come to life? Let me count the ways...


Juri-chan's view

Ah yes, dear Dilly-chan. I have to say he's cool. I like him. He doesn't scare me because I've been exposed to Aki before him. NEways, Dilly is still insane and he earns his spot here among our Halls of the Insane. Enjoy the page!

Cat's view
Dilandau, a white haired psycho pyromaniac who takes great amusement in smacking around his little minnions. Yes, Dilandau also has a hit team. A very well trained and heavly armed hit team known as the Dragon Slayer Unit. (And a few of them are kinda cute too! *winks*) What Dilly likes? Hm, fire, trying to kill his nemisis Van, fire, *spoiler* trying to kill his 'brother' Allen, fire, his gymelef, fire, his 'beautiful' face, did I mention fire? Yeah I think that explians him in a nut shell, a very small nutshell. There's a lot more but I'll spare you people who haven't seen Esca or are in the middle of watching it *glares at Juri-chan* from any 'major' spoilers.

So, not convinced that Dilandau's a psycho yet? Check out the photo gallery. Then try to come back and tell us you think he's still sane. Trust me we won't believe you if you say he's still on this side of the Twisted Kingdom, i mean still sane.






Now you see why he's on this page? Good! We'll be back to play more later. Muahahahahahahaha.